Current Officers

2013-2014 Executive Board



Christian Damo                     Contact:

Co-Chair                                                                           cdamo [at]

As the Co-Chair, Christian (but he goes by ‘Damo’) is responsible for the overall management of all Branch affairs and overseeing the duties of executive board members. A graduate of Radford High School, he is currently a senior at the College of Engineering pursuing a B.S. in Computer Engineering. Damo is a professional disc golfer (he actually makes money playing. surprising right?) and Star Wars fan (just one of those bandwagon things). He loves to sleep (and be loud at it…).




kennyKenny Luong                         Contact:

Co-Chair                                                                        luong97 [at]

As the Co-Chair, Kenny is also responsible for the overall management of all Branch affairs and overseeing the duties of executive board members. Kenny is currently living in Texas working at AMD for the Fall 2013 semester. A graduate of Pearl City High School in 2010, Kenny is pursuing a B.S in Computer Engineering.





joshJoshua Rivera                      Contact:

Vice-Chair                                                                 jtr [at]

As the Vice-Chair, Josh is responsible for helping the Branch Chair with the workload, overseeing some of the subcommittees, and managing the annual program of activities.  A graduate of Pearl City High School in 2008, Josh is pursuing a B.S in Computer Engineering.





kristinaKristina Terao                      Contact:

Treasurer                                                                       kterao [at]

As the Treasurer, Kristina is responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Branch and overseeing all fundraising efforts. She is a graduate of Kaimuki High School. If you don’t see her studying all the time, you can always find Kristina sleeping and playing Minecraft. Kristina has sophisticated tastes in fine dining, especially Japanese food.





mattMatthew Inouye                  Contact:

Secretary                                                                      mkinouye [at]

As the Secretary, Matt is responsible of keeping detailed records of each Branch meeting and being responsible for all branch correspondence.  As a member of the Hawaii Air National Guard, Matt troubleshoots navigation and communication systems on the KC-135 Tanker Aircraft and has also recently interned at TeraSys Technologies in Honolulu.




Committee Officers

DSC_0118Bronson Edralin                      Contact:

  Student Advisory Board Chair                          bedralin [at]

As the Student Advisory Board Chair, Bronson is the liaison leader for representing the usage of student professional fees and harboring of the ideas that improve the Electrical Engineering Department here at the College of Engineering.





ColeneColene Pekelo                      Contact:

  Historian                                                                   cpekelo [at]

As the historian, Colene is responsible for taking pictures and reporting events. She is our past Chair for the IEEE Student Branch during the 2012-2013 school year. currently a part-time impact at Gilly Hicks in Ala Moana Center. Colene is a graduate of Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu.






155021_1433715414571_353793_nKainalu Matthews              Contact:

Events Coordinator                                        kainalum [at]

As the Events Coordinator, Kainalu helps organize technical and social events for the branch.  He currently is employed at the Hawaiian Electric Company. He goes by his nickname ‘Nalu’.






kolbyKolby Javinar                     Contact:

ECUH Representative                                         javinark [at]

As the ECUH Representative, Kolby is responsible for communicating between the Engineer’s Council and the IEEE Student Branch. He is a graduate of Kauai High School. Kolby is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering Electrophysics track with an interest in RF technology. He enjoys playing fighting games and aspires to become a professional poker player.




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